About us

Photo by Jarno Schurgers

We make snowsurfers, pure and simple. Inspired by surf culture we are looking for the ultimate snowsurf experience. Whether we are on a road trip chasing snow around the globe or in the workshop designing new shapes we are in our element. We conduct our research in the mountains and develop in-house at DRY workshop in The Netherlands where we use the findings to create unique, innovative shapes that continue to make DRY boards stand out from the crowd.

In 2012 DRY was one of the first snowsurfer enthusiast shaping snowsurfers in our backyards. We have come along way since then; building our boards with a CNC milling machine to maintain a high standard of quality, using best quality materials available. Thanks to the cores and flax fibres (Bcomp) and Supersap resin (Entropy resins) we not only guarantee a great product it also has a low impact on our environment. An important company focus. Although we build our boards in a professional workshop now, the pioneering mentality stays strong.


Founder and designer/shaper at DRY boards started building snowsurfers in his garden pure as a creative outlet. He’s inspired by the strangest things and translates this inspiration into new shapes.


After a career at a dutch oil company Mark joined forces with Donald as a Senior Research & Development Engineer. He’s constantly in search of new and better construction methods and shape improvements.

DRY snow & surf inspired