• This is the ultimate snowsurfer for deep powder days.

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We make snowsurfers, pure and simple.

Snowboards especially shaped to enjoy a surf experience on snow. Inspired by surf culture we are looking for the ultimate snowsurf experience. Handmade and build with love in our own workshop. Skip the crap.... Join de revolution!

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Factory highlights, Roadtrips, treasured moments, be part of the journey.

It was awesome, very quick turning, extremely playful!
Looking forward to testing it in Canada next season.

John Mc Knight

Finally a board that puts you on top of everything, all the time. 

Jan Willem Hoogstraten

It felt as awesome as flying in my dreams! Or did I really fly?

Daan de Bie

The float on this thing is awesome! What a ride.

Nick Dekker

The best board I have ever ridden in deep pow. Love it!

Pro Boarder